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The Grand Masters Golf Championship

By. John K. Abendroth, PGA

For a number of years with the growth of the Champions Tour, I have felt it would be a appropriate for The Masters to hold a senior exhibition I call "The Grand Masters."

The event would have past champions over 50 play a 1-round event to entertain the fans. What is looks like to me, there would be about 16 players eligible to play.

There are some who still play in the The Masters such as Mike Weir, Fred Couples and Vijay Singh but as the commissioner of this Championship, I'd let them play in both. A couple of players Charlie Coody and Tommy Aaron are in their mid-80's thinking they would not play but attend the champions dinner on Tuesday night.

Spectators make a big effort with a big cost to attend and I'm sure they would appreciate this added to their value of attending.

Good chance this does not happen, but when you consider now the Drive Chip and Putt finals, the honorary starter program and the Par-3 contest, Augusta and the Masters are not opposed to new ideas to think about.

Enjoy The Masters this year, always a great show.

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