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The Hooked on Golf Associate Club

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Fun, comradery, excellent golf courses, light duty competition and a place to keep your NCGA handicap. That is what the Hooked on Golf Club is about.


Based at the Half Moon Bay Golf Links the club has several events per year there but will also travel to other courses and hold a year-end event with more prizes, good food, drinks and stories from the past year.


Under the leadership of Dan Turner tee times and results (and a story or two as appropriate) are posted and in the busy time for golf it is a good opportunity to get prime tee times every few weeks.


The club is an opportunity to have a place to hold or establish your NCGA membership and handicap at a very reasonable price of: $90 per year for new members, $80 per year for renewals.


HMB: April 2022

First Flight: 1st: Conner Jones 71 Net, 2nd: Roberto Pugliese 73 net.

Second Flight:  1st: Ron Reedy 70, 2nd: Dave LaBelle 

Upcoming events:

April 23rd HMB Old Course 10am $155, May 28th Poppy Ridge GC 9.50 $110. June 18 HMB Ocean Course 10am, July 16 Harding Park

For more information, contact Dan Turner

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