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Shoes matter, especially to Tiger.

The golf world is all in a tither about Tiger Woods not wearing his endorsed Nike shoes but switching to Footjoy shoes to wear during the Masters.

To me this is not a huge surprise as with Tiger's leg and ankle issues having the correct shoe is very important not just for his swing but the walk around Augusta National.

For the average golfer there is so much focus on the golf ball and clubs, I feel two things are more important and over-looked, shoes and grips.

To use the old term from Firestone Tires, "Where the rubber meets the road, " is appropriate when you consider shoes and golf grips. There is a lot of chatter in golf instruction about the stability, balance and power that come from the ground up.

For grips, not only the position of your hands are important, but the size and texture are very important. I suspect many golfers are not aware that golf grips come in different sizes and can be adjusted.

Last thought on grips, keep them clean with a damp towel and from time-to-time (1-2 years) consider new grips.

So, Tiger investigating the proper shoes for his current medical conditions shows how deep Tiger and his team digs to give him every advantage to have him play his best. This Masters will be one to remember.

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