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Covid and Golf, what a surprise it has been.

By. John K. Abendroth, PGA

The world of golf had been in a slump for a number of years blamed on the economy, cost and time to play, then here comes Covid, would this be a next nail in the coffin?

At first it was another bad situation with coursed closed with no play, world-wide golf tours shut down, then the flood gates opened with lots of people back playing, taking lessons buying clubs and golf is now riding a tall wave.

The golf industry is dealing with a situation similar to many industries, short of employees, heaving on restrictions and product in demand not being available. With all this aside, golfers are showing up happy to be out doors and happy to recreate and socialize.

At the recent AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach, fans were back after not being able to attend in 2021 and they seemed very upbeat and the players have responded to those vibes in a very positive way.

Let’s hope golf can remain on this roll for the average player, the tour players and those that like to watch the game.

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