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Aim...a great way to start a golf shot.

By John K. Abendroth, PGA

Teaching over the years, there a couple of common flaws I see in the average golfer and alignment and aim are at the top of the list. Golfers will often align their body at the target many times holding their club across their chest, I think this is a mistake.

In this photo is what I call the railroad track effect where the body is actually lined up left of the target but the ball flight line is lined up at the target. This will allow a more free swing of the club to allow the body and club to work better together. More-so, when in doubt, I would rather to be bit open (aimed more left) than closed which will block you out.

This is especially important on putting as if you are lined up too far right, your instinct will then pull the ball to try to get it on the proper start to the target, but this will create a looping motion with the club which will be inefficient.

To check your self for a proper alignment, use sticks like the photo above, or lay a club down along the ground for both the ball flight line and the alignment of your feet. Instinct is very strong and with every body having different vision situations it may take a while for a change like this to kick in for you. Best of luck, let me know if this works for you.

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