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Starting in 1994, Mitch Juricich and John Abendroth produced over 100 television shows and over 1500 radio programs based in the San Francisco area.


In 2002 the pair were awarded the Sports Media Representatives of the Year by the PGA of Northern California and in 2000 the Good Guy’s award by the California Golf Writers Association. 


The show focused on Golf and Fun with insight from Tom Spencer from CBS Sports on the radio show and excellent production quality on the TV show from NBC Sports Bay Area. 


Over the years listeners and viewers were treated to a view of new golf courses, interviews with some of the biggest names in golf along with entertainers and dignitaries who were Hooked on Golf. 

John, the PGA Member and former PGA Tour Player along with Mitch the “Every Man’s Golfer” with great passion for the game brought humor, knowledge inside stories and even a few golf tips more clear understanding of the rules of golf with the help of Sandy Tatum and Grant Spaeth both former USGA Presidents.

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What is this Hooked on Golf?

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The Hooked on Golf Foundation

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The Foundation was formed as a 501-C-3 organization in 2004 to benefit junior golfers, High School programs and help provide affordable golf for junior golfers mainly in Northern California. 


We like to say, “Let the kids play, every one of them...”

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The Hooked on Golf Club

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Fun, comradery, excellent golf courses, light duty competition and a place to keep your NCGA handicap. That is what the Hooked on Golf Club is about.

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